Process for Gatherings


It’s crucial for small groups to spend intentional time in prayer, research, and discernment regarding the planting of a new congregation.


This is a key time to clarify your theological DNA and philosophy of ministry for this new congregation. The main purpose of these gatherings is prayer and study


As the core group is learning, they are at the same time to be individually focused on outreach. This time is a time of prayer and intentional relationship building leading to gospel opportunities. 


This is the move into public worship. There are four key factors that provide the healthiest foundation for a congregation.

  • Momentum – Are new people being added into the family? Choose a metric marker for this step.
  • Clarity – Have you established a shared theological vision and what kind of congregation you are planting? Is there clarity in why you exist?
  • Leadership – Do you have competent and spiritually mature leadership? This might mean an ordained pastor or a mature lay leader.
  • Mission – Do you have a track record or mission and outreach. If this heart is not part of your DNA before you launch, it will be hard to foster after.


As a new gathering is learning, growing, and seeking to reach people for Christ, the Lord will also be preparing a shepherd to faithfully lead, feed, and protect this new flock. This calling could happen at any of these phases. This calling could come from inside or outside this group.

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