God has commanded His people in Matthew 28:19 to “go and make disciples of all nations.” From the earliest days of the AFLC, its people have recognized the need to be faithful to that command right here in the United States. One of our chief reasons for existence is to develop free, living Lutheran congregations where the Word is preached and taught so that people repent of their sins and look to Christ alone for salvation. It is the Gospel message that brings transformation to people, neighborhoods and entire cities.


We define an AFLC Gathering as a group of seekers (unbelievers or Christians) who gather for the purpose of seeking the Lord through the study of the Word to become disciple-makers. The intent is to enable these believers to mature in the Lord so that they can lay a foundation for the beginnings of a free and living AFLC congregation. Single, couples and families meeting regularly for Bible study, with a focus on growing in their faith, living in community, and discipleship. As God confirms, these Gatherings will begin Sunday morning worship services and start a new congregation

of churches in the AFLC started as HM plants!


We believe we've made "church planting" way to complicated! In fact, we think it's pretty simple:

  • Meeting people where they’re at with love, compassion, and kindness and introducing them to Jesus, their Savior.
  • Helping them grow in their faith through discipleship and leadership training.
  • Engaging our young and old to use their gifts to make disciples.
  • Encouraging you to join the journey with us!

The Shift

There are two types of church planting methods modeled in the New Testament. The AFLC has both models. Historically we have followed the "Peter Model". In the future, we may have to adapt more to the "Paul Model". Here are a few simple distinctives of each model:

Peter Model

Immigration – Ethnic Churches

Flows from the idea: “If we build, they will come”

Pastor = in study

Successful in rural communities

Growth model: Addition

Cost to build: 1 million +

Meeting at church


Paul Model

Seeking people of all ethnic backgrounds

Going into the workplace

Pastor = in community

Successful anywhere

Growth model: Multiplication

Cost to build: relatively inexpensive

Meet wherever