In 1974 the worlds best selling toy was invented - the Rubik's Cube. What started out as a three-dimensional geometry lesson quickly turned into an international hobby. I spent hours as a child trying to unravel the colors.

Describing AFLC Home Missions is sort of like working with a Rubik's Cube. There are distinct faces of Home Missions outreach, but most often the ministries mix so that it's not easily apparent where one ends and another begins. This is good because a unified presentation is crucial. But it's also bad, because with a blurred understanding, people miss out on seeing and participating in the unique outreaches extended through Home Missions. We want to help sort those colors out!

Home Missions is pursuing creative ways to share a vision for Home ministry; the "Come Join Us" initiative is one result. A "Come Join Us" presentation includes personal testimonies by Home Mission ambassadors, high quality Power-Point, and explanation on specific opportunities for every age to get involved. Our heart is to inform and equip congregations on the work of Home Missions. We are getting exciting feedback from churches that host "Come Join Us" as they catch a vision for this church planting ministry and all its components, including Alaska, Parish Building, and aviation ministry. Don't miss out!

We have teams of trained couples available to come to your congregation to share "Come Join Us." Their presentations are available for Sunday school hours, Sunday evening, or midweek serves, WMF rallies or Mission Festivals. Book your church presentation now by contacting our office!