Cash Free Giving

Airline Miles

Don't let your airline reward miles collect dust. Put them to work for God's kingdom by donating them to AFLC Home Missions. Billions of airline miles go unused every year in frequent flyer accounts, and most of them expire before their holders have a good opportunity to use them. Donating your frequent flyer miles is a cash free way to give to God's Kingdom!

AFLC Home Missions uses donated airline miles to send our staff to visit current Home Mission congregations or new inquiring groups. Face to face visits with these congregations are so important for helping a new church get off the ground with training and encouragement. The money we would have spent on the flight can then be used to cover other costs in the office and on the mission field, letting us do even more with the resources God has given us.

Donating your miles is easy:

  • You notify AFLC Home Missions that you have enough air miles for a round trip ticket. (For most airlines this is 25,000 miles)
  • Home Missions gives you the flight details for a staff member's trip.
  • You book the flight using your miles, OR you can grant us access to your online frequent flyer account, and we will book the flight for you.

NOTE: Because airline miles and points are awards and not taxed as income, the IRS does not allow the donation of airline miles to be used as a charitable deduction.

Contact our office to donate your frequent flyer miles.



​You may donate to AFLC Home Missions through Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars Program.

Choice DollarsSM
Eligible members are given Choice Dollars, based on insurance premiums, contract values and Thrivent Financial volunteer leadership. Choice Dollars can be directed to Lutheran organizations you prefer nationwide, including your local Lutheran congregation. If you are eligible to direct Choice Dollars, you will receive a letter in the mail at the point you become eligible. If you are unsure of your eligibility, review the eligibility requirements, login or register to view your eligibility and Choice Dollars.

Use the search tab on their website. It will take you to the Choice Dollars Detail Page. On that page, use the following specifications to search.

Organization name: AFLC Missions Corporation
City/State: Plymouth, MN [typing Minneapolis, MN does not work] Organization type: Other Lutheran Organization

Also on that page, is a section that states: “If you wish to direct Choice Dollars designated to you, use the Choice Dollars Search page”. When you choose that link, you will be asked to login using your ID and Password to make your selection.


Donate a vehicle to AFLC Home Missions, and help this ministry fan out across the country! Depending on the value and condition, Home Missions may be able to use the vehicle for ministry purposes or sell it for a higher price than it would get at an auction.

We have seen amazing and miraculous provision from God for our vehicle needs through the generous donation of individuals. Our North Barnabas summer team experienced one such provision last summer.

One of the most memorable events of the summer occurred less than three weeks into our Barnabas team travels, when our van’s transmission died in Milford, IL. As we slowly nursed the van back to our host family, our team prayed. There we were, in the middle of a bunch of cornfields with a dead vehicle, with nine weeks of travel and thousands of miles scheduled ahead of us.

Soon we saw that God had the whole situation under control from the beginning, just like it says in Proverbs 16:9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” A few days later a family from the church came up to us and announced they had a minivan that they wanted to donate to AFLC Home Missions for our team to use! What an amazing testimony to the way God desires His body to function! They saw a need and filled it, receiving nothing in return. This incredible act of self-sacrificial love was a great encouragement and challenge to our team.

Please call our office at 1-763-545-2018 for more information. All vehicle donations are tax deductible.


Our Alaska Missionaries have limited access to standard household and grocery items. Home Missions has compiled a list of these limited availability items with helpful directions on how your family or church could put together a care package for Alaska. More information...

Other Cash-free Donations

  • Stocks/Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Estate Gifts

Contact our office with questions about Cash-Free Giving to AFLC Home Missions.